Words on a Bottle [video]

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8Z6A3205BD Hey DIYers, Have you ever noticed our bottles with quotes? We have used them at a few Creative Sunday (the one on the picture was made for the juice workshop of Creative Sunday #4). When 1001 Belges asked us to explain an upcycling technique (see our previous post about our collaboration), we thought it was a nice one to explain. It’s quite easy and the result is great! In fact, this howto has been published on the early days of the blog. You can read it here (you will notice that the way to present howtos has slightly changed since then). As this was made to be broadcasted in the 1001 Belges show, no pictures but a video filmed by pros! Get a clean bottle, a pencil to write on glass and some varnish to fix it; then follow the steps (in French):

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHoS0Osgbqk] Picture © Elodie Deceuninck Photography

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