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Hey DIYers,

A few weeks ago, our friend Meggan from Fouettmagic was celebrating her upcoming birthday (it’s in 3 months but she wanted to take advantage of the summer this year, who will blame her?). She is almost 30, a perfect excuse to gather friends in her beautiful garden. As Marine wanted to offer a very personal gift, she created a special label to cover the bottle of a good sparkling wine she had bought for the occasion. As always, we wanted to share this with you. (Download the label at the end of this post.)

First thing first, let us show you how to simply change the label of a bottle on your own…

What you need:

  • a bottle;
  • a utility knife;
  • a ruler;
  • a new label;
  • some glue.

01. Take your bottle and rip-off all the label with a cutter.
02. If some parts of the label remain, use white spirit and the utility knife to clear the bottle.

03. Print your label and cut it to get the size of the original label.
04. Glue the label to your bottle.


As promised, here is a neutral version of the label that we have created just for you. Download it here! (It has to be printed on a A4.)

Enjoy the party!

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  1. Pas top de laisser une bouteille de champagne ou vin 30 minutes dans de l’eau chaude!
    Pour coller l’étiquette, essayer avec du lait! 😉

    1. En effet, j’ai pensé à l’astuce de l’eau chaude que j’utilise habituellement avec des bouteilles vides. Gratter et utiliser le white spirit pour retirer les restes reste la meilleure solution dans ce cas. 😉
      Pour le lait, on a déjà fait le test ici: et ça marche très bien!

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