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Hello DIYers,

A while ago, we had to opportunity to try the knitting kits from We Are Knitters. [Note: the company contacted us to try their products. As we were very happy, we decided to talk about it here (there was no deal with We Are Knitters, we could just have both a knitting kits if we wanted to).]
Marine and I both got a beginner kit in our hands and we reacted very differently to it. Marine tried but didn’t commit to it (she had to do different kind of stitches and what was supposed to be easy became complicated) when I enjoyed it (well, I had only one kind of stitches…). After many evenings knitting, I finally got something…

When choosing the knitting kit, I directly went to the beginners section. I didn’t want to discover the art of knitting with complex stuff. But at the same time, I wanted to create something else than a scarf. There was one kit that seemed exciting to me: the Whipped Sweater kit. I picked a color and a size and got it delivered at home.

I received a pair of knitting needles size 11 (8mm), 5 wool balls, a template, a sewing needle and a We Are Knitters label (WAK for friends).

As I didn’t know a thing about knitting (even if my grandmother spent some time teaching me more than 20 years ago… Sorry grandma!), I had to check the videos on the website and on YouTube. But I followed the instructions, spent a lot of time knitting in front of the television and finally got a result.

I just had to sew it all together. What looked like a challenging step to me happened to be not so difficult. I could easily join every piece and came up with something wearable. I wore it twice already and I’m very happy of it.

I’m so happy of my new sweater that I just ordered another kit…

It’s a pricy but the wool is of very good quality and the template I received this time is very detailed (way more than the one I got for the Whipped Sweater).

What about you? Are you a knitter? Are you willing to try?



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