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utrechtHello travelling DIYers,

As close from Brussels as Amsterdam (see our article about this capital), the small Dutch city of Utrecht is a perfect destination for a weekend. You will wander alongside the canals and enjoy the Nordic inspiration in the shops. The size of the city allows the visitor to take the time to take a coffee and try every place. We arrived on a Saturday morning and left on a Sunday afternoon and we felt like we had seen most of it (not to say everything). That’s ideal to get a change of atmosphere!

Now that you are convinced that Utrecht is your next destination, here are our addresses…


We were looking for a breakfast made of pancakes on Sunday and we came across Rabarber. They offer Japanese pancakes – which seems a bit frightening at first – that are delicious! The choice of homemade cakes were very tempting too but a plate of pancakes was enough.

Rabarber’s Facebook page


Live today

A tiny shop full of beautiful and various little things. We found candles and a bracelet there, but we also wanted to buy the furniture! The shop owner is very friendly and loves Brussels.



Swordfish & Friend

This one is tricky! This vinyl records shop is more than a music shop. There is furniture to sell and a few deco items too. We felt in love with a piece of furniture to place in a corner. To improvise this kind of purchase, it’s better to come by car…




Carla’s Conditorie

This is the perfect place for a sweet break after having visited the dome (THE thing to see in Utrecht). They offer pies, cookies, bread and coffee or tea but they also have salads. Don’t worry, the picture shows only the first room, there is another one behind.




Bar Beton

There is more than one Bar Beton in the Netherlands. The brand is very popular. You can even find the “café Bar Beton” (offering only drinks) around the corner. In this one, they offer breakfast, lunch and tea time. The soup, the sandwiches and the salads are very good (yes, we went twice…).



It doesn’t stop here! We have also been in:

  • Beadies – a great DIY shop with a wide range of pearls and pendants to create jewelry or offer a kit;
  • Paperbird – a nice clothes shop with accessories;
  • Hutspot – a design shop with a bar (where they make very good Moscow Mules).

Utrecht is definitely a nice city to spend a weekend shopping, drinking coffee and walking alongside the canals!

Let’s talk about you! What is your next destination?

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    1. I didn’t either until this last trip, when I realized I had already been to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Maastricht and I needed a new destination close from home. The Netherlands are just perfect for citytrips! 😉

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