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Hey DIYers,

Have you ever thought about recycling your cans? We made up a simple trick to transform them into a centerpiece or a pencil cup. But this time, we show you how to do this in a video recorded by professionals!

Have you heard about 1001 Belges? The concept is both simple and totally DIY, anything we love! The website welcome enthusiasts and curious persons and gather them around a workshop. Quickly the website became a TV show broadcasted on the Belgian television (RTBF).

This season, every show presents two workshops and a tutorial. The idea is to explain a simple upcycling trick in a couple of minutes. We thought about two howtos that we could easily show on tv, gathered what was needed and defined the perfect spot to film. This is how we got surrounded by cameras and mic in the studio where Marine works, on a Saturday, explaining how to realize a centerpiece with a can…

Get an empty can, a little bit of rope and glue and follow the steps (in French):


For more videos of 1001 Belges, consult their YouTube channel.

Next howto will soon be on the blog…

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