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2 Days in Berlin

Hey DIYers,

Last weekend, Marine escaped from Brussels, the time to update her Berlin list of good finds and change of scenery. Since the summer isn’t over yet, since we still have a few weekends to travel in front of us and some time to enjoy the warm weather and the summer atmosphere, we propose to (re)discover the German capital.


Visit Berlin in the summer, as the weather is warm, because the winters are harsh… Consequence: Berliners know how to take advantage of the beautiful days. The city stops sleeping from the first days of nice weather! Barbecues in the parks, crowded streets and terraces until late in the night, lakes around the city filled with bathers, etc. The city is constantly moving. Its creativity has been exploding its faces are so numerous that you can’t count them anymore. To avoid getting lost in this huge capital, here is our selection of places to target.
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