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A Week in Israel


Hey DIYers,

Have you ever been to Israel? According to Israelis’ reaction when we spoke English with them, it isn’t common for non-Hebrew-speakers to travel to their country… But we were so curious about the country that we didn’t even realized that it wasn’t the number one destination for non-hebrew travelers. Even though our language was surprising, we could travel easily and the trip was more than worse it. We’ve been to Tel Aviv (and felt in love with this city) and Jerusalem…

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4 Days in Copenhagen

Hey DIYers,

Last week, we were getting inspired by the beautiful Copenhagen! We’ve been completely charmed by the nordic city. We’ve enjoyed the streets with large bicycle paths (especially when we decided to rent a bike). We’ve discovered great places to eat healthy and tasty food. We’ve visited amazing museums and parks. In brief, do not hesitate and book your trip to Copenhaguen as fast as you can.

While we were there, we wrote down a few addresses just for you…

*Royal Smushi*
A nice restaurant hidden behind a door in the main street. There is a real atmosphere there! In addition, the food is known to be good (we just had coffees). Perfect for lunch or tea time. They offer cakes but also “smushis”, a slice of bread covered with delicious vegetables, salmon, bacon, eggs and much more!

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