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Creative Sunday #12 – Autumn in Brussels




Hello Creative Sunday lovers,

As the leaves were turning brown, we threw the first Creative Sunday of the season! We gathered at Living Room, a beautiful canteen in the European area. We took advantage of the sunny weather and placed the beauty workshop outside. Inside, participants were either downstairs, in the great kitchen, or upstairs, making bracelets around a table. This was cosy and fun!
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Creative Sunday #10 – A Vintage Edition



Hello Creative Sunday lovers,

The last edition of our events brought us back in the fifties. Inspired by the very Expo-58-style building of coworking transforma bxl, we (re)discovered traditional ways to print a pattern on a t-shirt, make our own cleaning products and cook for a family. The pouring rain outside didn’t stop us from enjoying an afternoon together! Continue Reading

Creative Sunday #9 – How Was It?



Hey Creative Sunday lovers,

For our mid-February edition, we were in a mood of love. Since the rest of the wold was already sharing enough hearts, love tips, etc.; we had decided to put only a little bit of red and pink here and there…
This 9th edition took place at SUP, a soup bar in Saint Gilles, Brussels. The group of friends behind this bar warmly welcomed us and offered us their buns to add to Meggan’s buffet. Continue Reading