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6001 is the new 1060 is here!


Hello DIYers,

Those of you who read every post we publish (we still hope that some of you read all our posts religiously…) are familiar with 6001 is the new 1060. For the others, this is a show and sale of creators taking place in Charleroi (we were talking about it last year in this post). As usual, we organize a contest to celebrate the coming edition. Do you see this beautiful hanging basket? It could easily be yours! (See below for instructions)
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6001 IS THE NEW 1060 is Back!


Hello DIYers,

Do you remember 6001 is the new 1060, this show and sale of creators that we were talking about in this post from September? The third edition will take place on April, 18. As we have good memories from the previous one, we wanted to talk about the event. Since we also have a gift to offer, we felt like we had no excuses to not catch your attention! Continue Reading

Focus on… Camille Vanderveken

Hey DIYers,

Artists are  a great inspiration for us. So we have thought about a new section on the blog about artists we love. Since we are offering a poster made by Camille Vanderveken in our contest 6001 is the new 1060, we have chosen to start with her.


Camille, 34, is a silk-screen printer. She also makes book covers/binding and organizes workshops for more than 10 years. This Biblioteca Wittockiama alumni, has worked with Anne Goy during her studies.

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