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Hey DIYers,

Do you wonder how to create this pin we made at the last Creative Sunday, designed by Marine? Well, this is quite easy. Here is how we did it…

What you need:

  • a brooch pin;
  • a square of cardboard (the size of your pin);
  • some glue;
  • a utility knife;
  • punch pliers (you can find those in any DIY shop and some are really cheap!);
  • embroidery threads and a needle.

01. First step is creating a grid on the cardboard square. Use the pliers to punch the cardboard as much as you need. The idea is to “sew” on the cardboard, going from one hole to another. We made 4 lines of 4.

02. Start sewing to create a pattern. Keep a few centimeters of the thread at the beginning so you’ll have something to tie the end of your thread to.

03. Pass three times in a row in the same holes then go to the next. This will look better than if you just pass once (the thread will look to thin on the cardboard).

04. Once the pattern is finished, tie the threads and glue the brooch pin at the back of your pin. Wait 24 hours to wear your pin to make sure that this well glued.

Tip: you can play with thread colors, number of holes, the sewing pattern and the cardboard color to create different pins. 


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