Our Version of the Kimono of Love by Make My Lemonade

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Hey hey D.I.Y. lovers,

This Summer, all our attention was focused on one of us’ wedding: Marine as the bridesmaid and I (Anne-Laure) as the bride. Who says “wedding” within the HowTo team means D.I.Y. So I spent a few a lot of hours glueing, sewing, writing, etc. Among all of my projects, one took a little bit more time: I had decided to make my own bride’s robe on the basis of the “Kimono de l’amour” by Make My Lemonade

As I was looking for wedding inspiration, Lisa Gachet, the blogger behind Make My Lemonade was publishing posts about her own. Boom, a DIY to create a bride’s robe (or a robe for everyday, it depends on you…). I didn’t wait too long to print the pattern and look for the perfect fabric. When I bought the fabric for my dress, I took a bit more of lace so it would fit my dress. (And I left the fabric for the dress to a pro… So to say that this D.I.Y. is for everyone!)


After that, I spent a long afternoon, sitting on the floor, putting together the pieces of the pattern (which is made of 35 A4 pages). It was the most difficult part of the job… But once it got all well organized, I just had to cut the pieces and follow the instructions!

Note: For those of you who would like to try the kimono experience, I will redirect you to the original work of Lisa Gachet, right here (in French). It so well explained that I don’t see any reason to start over. 😉




I learnt how to do a “couture anglaise”, to pay attention to my finishing touches and to be patient (it took me a few afternoons to see the end…); but it was worth it! I could wear a nice white robe with the same lace as on my dress and I had to pleasure to tell that I did it myself.

What about you? How often do you make what you see on blogs?

Professional pictures by Elodie Deceuninck.

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