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Hey DIYers,

At the last Creative Sunday, we made paper boxes to gather the material for our workshop (the Californian necklace). Today we think we have to share this simple technique with you. It’s also the opportunity for us to talk about the great initiative from the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, NL)…
On its website, the museum offers a downloadable version of all pieces of the collection in high definition. The idea is to let people seize the artists’ work to create something new. You can see examples of creation on the website. Among the creators, we see a lot of designers but also non-professionals.

For this howto, we have selected 3 pieces of art to give texture to our boxes. (But we will certainly not stop there. We are decided to glean in the collection from time to time!)

01What you need:

  • a sheet of paper (or a printed version of one masterpiece of the Rijksmuseum collection);
  • a ruler;
  • a box cutter.


01. Cut a square in the sheet of paper.
Tip: to give you an approximate size, a 9cm/9cm square will make a tiny box and a 16cm/16cm will make a large box.


02. Flip the sheet so that you see the back and make two ‘mountain folds’ (the fold is up) as on the picture.
Fold the four corners in the center, using the mountain folds as guides.
Fold the top edge down and the bottom edge up so they meet in the middle. Do the same with the left and right edges.
Unfold all except two corners and form one side of the box by folding as on the last picture.


03. Fold two corners of the first side as on the picture then follow the lines to refold the pointed end and place it in between the two other pointed ends (formerly the corners of the square) on the bottom. Do the same on the other side of the box.


The paper box is ready to stock necklaces and rings, keys, sweets,… (you name it)!




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