Golden & Ruby Red Bracelet

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Hey DIYers,

Remember our Californian necklace? We shown you how to insert a line of pearls in a chain. We used the same trick to create this nice bracelet. Here come the steps…

What you need:

  • a chain with tiny links (long enough to go around your wrist);
  • a few pearls (we only used 5);
  • 2 golden pearls;
  • a clasp;
  • a ‘jewelry bar’ (the thin bar you can see on the picture);
  • pliers.

01. Open the jewelry bar with the pliers (see our tip to open without breaking the perfect circle in our post about the Californian necklace).

02. Cut the chain in two equal parts (thanks to the sharp part of your pliers, in the center). Then close the jewelry bar on the last link of the first part of the chain.

03. Thread one golden pearl, 5 colored pearls and one last golden pearl. Then close the bar by creating a circle to attach it to the first link of the other part of the chain.

04. The chain is now reunified. Attach the clasp to one end of the chain and put the bracelet on your wrist!


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