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A few weeks ago, at a crowdfunding fairtrade, we met Elise Peroi and her fabric work. Since then, she launched a crowdfunding campaign on the plateform KissKissBankBank. Her campaign will end in 11 days. It’s high time to introduce her!
Elise PeroiElise, 24, is a fabric designer. After her studies at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, she decided to create her own weaving company and to develop a numerical collection. To go into this, she turns to crowdfunding.
Today she tells us more about her and her project…

I develop a handmade fabric collection using painted silk (handmade paint by Elise). Then I transform the fabric into strips that I weave following the painted pattern. This is called “ikat”. The weaving gives the drawing an architecture and a vague, vibrating and timeless aspect.

My creative approach has been fed by using various techniques: the weaving of course, but also the printing, dying, cutting and embroidery. I play with two levels: there is the fabric thread, like a writing or an architecture, and the pattern that brings the reading to another level.
Various collaborations have inspired my research: Bensimon, Jean Paul Gaultier, Fabienne Delvigne, the musée du costume et de la dentelle in Brussels.

First the fabric shop that supplies me: Tissus Passion, near the parvis de Saint Gilles. For fabric printing, I trust Digital Print and for innovative materials, I go to MateriO Bruxelles.

For the moment, I focus on my campaign on KissKissBankBank. The project is made of unique and handmade items that may evolve along with the collections and inspire bigger items thanks to the digital printing and the jacquard (a weaving loom).

Unique items may be proposed as paintings whereas digital intepretations may be used as accessorizes (clutch, shoes, hats, …) or furniture fabric (net curtain, screen, …).






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