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Hey DIYers,

Artists are  a great inspiration for us. So we have thought about a new section on the blog about artists we love. Since we are offering a poster made by Camille Vanderveken in our contest 6001 is the new 1060, we have chosen to start with her.


Camille, 34, is a silk-screen printer. She also makes book covers/binding and organizes workshops for more than 10 years. This Biblioteca Wittockiama alumni, has worked with Anne Goy during her studies.

We have asked her to tell us more about herself.
I get inspiration mainly from exhibitions and artists books, especially the ones made by illustrators. For my silk-screen printings, I notice a detail in an image and transform it into a graphic element by multiplying it. It creates a brand new pattern.**GOOD ADRESSES**

In Brussels, I do not hesitate and go to Delcorde et Wilberz for paper. It’s in Schaerbeek. Otherwise, the must is Modulor (see our post about Berlin and this famous shop), which is a very good reason to visit the German city.

I will attend the show and sale 6001 is the new 1060 this weekend. I was there for the first edition and I know Corinne (one of the organizers) since I did several workshops at the Atelier #11, in Brussels.
I will be at the l’atelier pop-up Sunday, 12 October at Tropisme. (Note: there are still a few seats left!)
I will be at the price of the beautiful Centre de la Gravure in La Louvière.
I will do various courses and workshops for kids, teens and adults during the year. (For more info, visit the website of La lune bavarde.)






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