Make Your Own Flower Crown

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Hey DIYers,

It’s been a while since the last post. We were enjoying the sunny season here and there. But now, we are back and full of ideas!
During the holiday, Anne-Laure attended a wedding and did a bit of DIY to put something in her hair that would match her dress: a flower crown!
This colorful accessory is very easy to do. Once you know the trick, you can make one in half an hour and it will always look good!

What you need:

  • some fresh flowers and leaves;
  • masking tape (the best would be to have a green one but any discreet color will be fine);
  • a piece of wire like the one we use for gardening (50cm);
  • two pieces of 20cm each of a ribbon.

01. Create the shape of your crown with the wire. At the end, fold the wire to create a loop to which you will attach the ribbon.
02. Assemble flowers and leaves in small bouquets and fix them together with tape.
03. Place all the bouquets around the wire to visualize the final result.
04. Fix the various bouquets one after the other to the wire.
Tadaam, your crown is ready! (Don’t worry about the tape, it will be hidden by the flowers and your hair.)
Now, get dressed!



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