Embroidery on Notebook – Retrorama Workshop

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Hey DIYers,

What were you doing last weekend? At HowTo, we were embroidering notebooks with DIYers like you at Retrorama!


The technique is very simple. In fact, we already explained it here last year. But thanks to our workshop at Retrorama, we have new examples and new pictures to explain it again. Plus, we offer a grid and patterns to upload! (See the end of this post for our PDF)

So… How do we embroid a notebook cover? Follow the steps!

01. You need a grid, a notebook, a needle and the thread of your choice.

02. Draw the pattern of your embroidery on the grid.

03. Once the pattern is done, fix it to the notebook with some tape.

04. Then use the needle to make holes where you will need them to reproduce the pattern on the cover of the notebook.

05. Start sewing the cover by passing through the holes, following your pattern. Then cut the extra wool at the back of the cover and TADAAAM!


** Free PDF** Upload our grid and patterns right here.



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