Creative Sunday #18 – Ahoy!

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Hello Creative Sunday lovers,

At the beginning of the Spring, we anchored our boat at Le Phare du Kanaal (literally “the canal lighthouse”, in a mix of French and Dutch) in Molenbeek. Le Phare du Kanaal is a coworking space and a café at the same time. You can enjoy the food downstairs and work quietly upstairs. The atmosphere is very nice!

It was amazingly sunny and warm that day so we took advantage of the weather and installed the D.I.Y. workshop on the terrace (and passing by cops made fun of us for being outside with plants, that’s for the story). Thanks to the big windows, it was as warm inside for the beauty and cooking workshops.

We also enjoyed the presence of two out three members from the French Creative Sunday team (to virtually meet the team, you can visit the website or their Facebook page). As they had planned their first event the next Sunday, Virginie and Valentine (Quitterie was keeping all her strength for their event as she is expecting her third child) attended this edition. It was very nice to have them with us!

*Beauty workshop with Idalie*

Charlotte, a beauty expert, came to share her tips for a great manicure. After a long winter, it’s always good to know how to take care of our hands! She used ingredients we all have at home but also her own products, since she launched her brand Idalie. (Her products smell delicious and are very soft for the skin, for the record.) We could see how everyone was touching their hands after the workshop. They were all so soft!

*Cooking workshop with Brussel’s Kitchen*

Sarah is a food lover. She worked in a restaurant and is behind the best informal restaurants guide online Brussel’s Kitchen. A few months ago, with Chloé (co-author of Brussel’s Kitchen), they launched BK’s Table, a table d’hôte they open once a month and they do everything, from the choice of decoration to the dessert. This time, Sarah came to share recipes using spices like a mustard and a gravlax sauce. Participants could choose the spices they use so they had different, but all delicious, results. For more pictures of the cooking workshop, visit Fouettmagic.

*D.I.Y. workshop with Agave*

As you may have heard, Meggan, one of the Creative Sunday co-organizers, opened a plant shop with Chris, her fiancé. (Never heard of it? Read our post about it! The shop isn’t a pop up anymore.) They suggested a D.I.Y. workshop with plants and we were super excited. The idea was to create a terrarium using only four “ingredients” – moss, the plant itself, compost and stones – and a bar (it looks like a knitting needle) to place everything in the jar. It was supposed to last one month but Anne-Laure’s is still good looking after six weeks.
If you want to create your own terrarium, Chris organizes workshops in his shop Agave.


For this edition, we were sponsored by Deliveroo. So we had a generous budget thanks to which we could order in cafés/restaurants nearby (in a 2km area). We had amazing donuts from Coco Donuts and cakes from Le Café du Sablon. We ordered a bit too much but it was all so good!


As usual (both not less fun), we had a photobooth CheeeseBOX installed in the corner of the room. We all took pictures all afternoon!

We also enjoyed the spices offered by Le Comptoir Africain and our Deliveroo buffet.

*Goodies Bags*

Our goodies bag was full of delicious food and great gifts. They were a diary to organize your life, a pack of granola, a badge, a voucher in a concept store, a juice and a magazine.

*Thank YOU*

As the Creative Sundays are always supported by many people, let us thank everyone. So thank you to…

The next Creative Sunday will be on June, 11. Mark your calendar!

(For more details, like our Facebook page or visit our website.)

See you soon!

Marine & Anne-Laure

© Pictures Xenia Udalova

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