Creative Sunday #19 – One Last Tour!

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Hello Creative Sunday lovers,

We are back on our final edition that took place Mid-June. As we have announced on our Facebook page, this edition would be our last. In the team, we are all working on new projects requiring more of our time. So, after four years of great Sundays with you, we have decided to put an end to this wonderful adventure. But it didn’t mean we wouldn’t organize a great last one!

Since we really enjoyed the Phare du Kanaal where we were for the previous edition, we asked Hannah if she and her team would welcome us again. We were thrilled when she said yes! This coworking café is perfect for an event like ours!

On a workshop side, Camille, from La Lune Bavarde, came for the D.I.Y. workshop and Audrey and Gaëlle, from the Wellness Experience, were in charge of the cooking one. Unfortunately, our guest in charge of the beauty workshop (a hairdresser with great braids ideas) was sick that day and couldn’t come. We therefore had to organize the day around two workshops instead of three.

Given the summer weather, we went for tasty water instead of tea. And our buffet was, once again, offered by Deliveroo and the restaurants nearby.


*Cooking workshop with Wellness Experience*

Audrey loves good and healthy food, so she created healthy versions of snacks that are usually not that healthy. For this workshop, she came with her recipes to make Bounty and Snickers. With Gaëlle, who came to help her during the workshop, she runs Wellness Experience. They organize cooking classes, wellness days, etc. If you are interested, visiting their website is definitely worth is. For more pictures of the cooking workshop, visit Fouettmagic.

*D.I.Y. workshop with Camille Tsering*

Camille loves sharing her passion for stationary, folding, etc. She organizes workshops for children at La Lune Bavarde. That day, she taught us how to make a stamp using an eraser and how to add an emboss effect with color. It was very fun to discover her technique and try it. All the participants seem pretty excited at the end, when they saw their drawing from the stamp became a beautiful embossed design on their envelope (made with Camille’s folding technique, the one we share on our Facebook page last week!).

*Goodies Bags*

Our goodies bag was full of delicious food and great gifts. They was a pack of granola, a biscuit, a pack of pastilles, a pack of flavor salt, a lip balm and a magazine.

There was also our faithful photobooth CheeeseBOX installed in the corner of the room. We all took pictures all afternoon!

*Thank YOU*

As the Creative Sundays have always been supported by many people, let us thank everyone. So thank you to…

To see all pictures, Xavier has created an album on his website that you can see here (the password is: cs11juin).

Thank you all for this great edition and a special thank you to Meggan with whom we created a real ace team during these last four years!

See you soon!

Marine and Anne-Laure


HowTo team

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