Creative Sunday #15 – It Was Summertime!

Customized tableware

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Hello Creative Sunday lovers,

We celebrated the upcoming summer during our last edition of the year 2015-2016, in early June. We were at EsKape, a very nice canteen close to the Place du Luxembourg. As it was a sunny day, we installed the beauty workshop on the patio and took a sunbath while learning how to create a flower barrette. The D.I.Y. workshop was about customizing tableware and in the kitchen, we made a granola with a fruits coulis. This edition was all about flowers, fruits and colors!











The buffet had been made by EsKape, as the canteen wants to offer more and more sweet pies. They definitely need to keep going in that direction, it was delicious! We had a chocolate pie, a pecan pie, a cheesecake, a fruit mousse, some yogurt, some fruits and an apple crumble. To get along with those, we had the natural juices from Full of Good and homemade sodas thanks to the SodaStream machines.







*Cooking workshop with Very Cake*

Our cooking guest was Laura, the sweet girl behind the blog Very Cake. She has a passion for food and especially for cakes (as you can imagine…). She shared her recipe of a granola with a fruit coulis and yogurt. The perfect course for a brunch! For more pictures of the cooking workshop, visit Fouettmagic.





*Beauty workshop with Love&Tralala*

This time, our co-organizer Elodie decided to come back as a workshop host (as we did during the first Creative Sundays) to teach how to create a flower barrette and show a few hairstyles adapted to this accessory. For more pictures of the beauty workshop, visit Love&Tralala.





*D.I.Y. workshop with HopOp*

We had two guests for this D.I.Y. workshop. Coline and Maureen are two friends who got close because of their shared passion. They started the small business of homemade jewelry HopOp and kept doing things together. They decided to show how to customize simple tableware, using a specialized pen. Then to fix the pattern, the tableware goes in the oven for 30 minutes and voilà. Our participants’ imagination had no limit and the result was very nice!















The photo booth was installed between the buffet and the rest of the place so no one could miss it. As usual, participants had some fun imagining new postures each time (let’s be honest, we had some fun too!). You can see all the pictures here.



*Goodies Bags*

Our goodies bag was full of nice things to hold, to share or to give like a nice card to send for a special occasion, a magazine, a bottle of rum, a homemade natural beauty product, a cereal bar made of insects (you should try, it tastes surprisingly good), a candle and some flavored salt.







*Thank YOU*

As the Creative Sundays are always supported by many people, let us thank everyone. So thank you to…



The Creative Sunday team takes a break during the summer but we’ll be back in September! So stay tune!
(For more details, like our Facebook page or visit our website. Oh hey, we also have an Instagram account now! To see new pictures of the Creative Sunday, follow @creativesunday!)

Enjoy the summer!

Marine & Anne-Laure

HowTo team

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