The coin purse [upcycling]

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Hey DIYers,

A little upcycling idea on the blog today! A friend of us brought back from Morocco those coin purses made of juice boxes. The folding seemed pretty easy and Marine is very curious so she decided to unfold it to see how they did it.

So here is a very simple howto to do in 5 minutes exactly!

What you need:

  • a juice box;
  • a ruler;
  • a utility knife;
  • some Velcro.

01. Cut the sides on around 1/3. Also cut the bottom of the box to remove it. Then fold the sides of the box in height.
02. Cut the upper corners slightly in bias at the front (but keep the back untouched).
03. Fold the box at 2/3. 
04. Refold the part cut in bias and fold it along the central part of the purse.
05. Close the coin purse with some Velcro or cut a slit in which part of the next layer can pass (like on the picture) and keep your coins in your pocket!



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