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Focus on… Elise Peroi

Hey DIYers,

A few weeks ago, at a crowdfunding fairtrade, we met Elise Peroi and her fabric work. Since then, she launched a crowdfunding campaign on the plateform KissKissBankBank. Her campaign will end in 11 days. It’s high time to introduce her!
Elise PeroiElise, 24, is a fabric designer. After her studies at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Bruxelles, she decided to create her own weaving company and to develop a numerical collection. To go into this, she turns to crowdfunding.
Today she tells us more about her and her project…

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A Week in Israel


Hey DIYers,

Have you ever been to Israel? According to Israelis’ reaction when we spoke English with them, it isn’t common for non-Hebrew-speakers to travel to their country… But we were so curious about the country that we didn’t even realized that it wasn’t the number one destination for non-hebrew travelers. Even though our language was surprising, we could travel easily and the trip was more than worse it. We’ve been to Tel Aviv (and felt in love with this city) and Jerusalem…

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Focus on… Camille Vanderveken

Hey DIYers,

Artists are  a great inspiration for us. So we have thought about a new section on the blog about artists we love. Since we are offering a poster made by Camille Vanderveken in our contest 6001 is the new 1060, we have chosen to start with her.


Camille, 34, is a silk-screen printer. She also makes book covers/binding and organizes workshops for more than 10 years. This Biblioteca Wittockiama alumni, has worked with Anne Goy during her studies.

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2 Days in Berlin

Hey DIYers,

Last weekend, Marine escaped from Brussels, the time to update her Berlin list of good finds and change of scenery. Since the summer isn’t over yet, since we still have a few weekends to travel in front of us and some time to enjoy the warm weather and the summer atmosphere, we propose to (re)discover the German capital.


Visit Berlin in the summer, as the weather is warm, because the winters are harsh… Consequence: Berliners know how to take advantage of the beautiful days. The city stops sleeping from the first days of nice weather! Barbecues in the parks, crowded streets and terraces until late in the night, lakes around the city filled with bathers, etc. The city is constantly moving. Its creativity has been exploding its faces are so numerous that you can’t count them anymore. To avoid getting lost in this huge capital, here is our selection of places to target.
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