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The Golden Candle Holders



Hey hey DIY lovers,

It’s been a while since the last DIY post here. Marine and I needed a moment off to get inspiration and some time to work on other projects. But we are back now!
This year, we made the decision to make you discover more brands and products we love. So let start the year (better later than never, huh?) with an idea from the Villa Empain [a beautiful art deco house in Brussels] shop. Ok, I didn’t do it all by myself but I bought a kit so I still had to do something. The brand is German and if you are interested, I am sure you can find it online easily.

Curious to see how I did it? Discover the steps below…

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Vintage Labels [printable tags]



Hey DIYers,

A few weeks ago, we went back to the fifties during the last Creative Sunday. Marine designed beautiful vintage tags for the occasion. We put them on the tables to welcome the participants. We hung another kind of tags on Meggan’s little pot of caramel and others were stuck to Elodie’s bottles for her workshop.

Since we love to share, we have adapted them to fit your needs…
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