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The Weekly Planner



Hey organized DIYers,

Last year, I used a beautiful weekly planner I had found at Hay, during our citytrip in Copenhagen. Since all I got left was one sheet (so one week) and I was in Antwerp, I went to their shop to buy a new one. But I discovered – oh sad it is – that they only sell them at the beginning of the year. What a disappointment!

So, as any other DIYer and graphic design would have done, I created my own. Today, I want to share it with you!
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Did you know…

… that you could stick labels on glass with milk?

Stick labels with milk

Pour milk in a small bowl then dip the back of the label in the milk (or use a paintbrush). It has to be quick so the ink on the top of the label doesn’t leak. But make sure the whole back is covered with milk.

Place the label on the jar and hold it for a few seconds. You can use paper towel to hold the label and absorb the excess of milk.

The label is now fixed!
(But you can easily remove it if you want to re-use the jar.)