The Golden Candle Holders

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Hey hey DIY lovers,

It’s been a while since the last DIY post here. Marine and I needed a moment off to get inspiration and some time to work on other projects. But we are back now!
This year, we made the decision to make you discover more brands and products we love. So let start the year (better later than never, huh?) with an idea from the Villa Empain [a beautiful art deco house in Brussels] shop. Ok, I didn’t do it all by myself but I bought a kit so I still had to do something. The brand is German and if you are interested, I am sure you can find it online easily.

Curious to see how I did it? Discover the steps below…

What you need:

  • Well, in this case, you need only one thing: the Klick kit.

01 copie

1. Remove all the pieces from the slab.



2. Place the pieces following the order (they are numbered) perpendicularly to the circle.


3. Once all the pieces are set up, press the small parts on the circle.




Et voilà!

That was really easy, it took me five minutes and the result is nice. It was a short and simple DIY. Isn’t it what we always featured on HowTo?

Enjoy a lovely dinner with candle light!

HowTo team

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