2 Days in Berlin

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Hey DIYers,

Last weekend, Marine escaped from Brussels, the time to update her Berlin list of good finds and change of scenery. Since the summer isn’t over yet, since we still have a few weekends to travel in front of us and some time to enjoy the warm weather and the summer atmosphere, we propose to (re)discover the German capital.


Visit Berlin in the summer, as the weather is warm, because the winters are harsh… Consequence: Berliners know how to take advantage of the beautiful days. The city stops sleeping from the first days of nice weather! Barbecues in the parks, crowded streets and terraces until late in the night, lakes around the city filled with bathers, etc. The city is constantly moving. Its creativity has been exploding its faces are so numerous that you can’t count them anymore. To avoid getting lost in this huge capital, here is our selection of places to target.

*Melbourne Canteen*

Recommended to us by a Berliner, we now recommend it too.

In the very hipster Neukölln, an area in the west of the city, this café-restaurant is specialized in brunchs and breakfast based on eggs.
We recommand the Eggs Berliner, amazingly delicious!

Its worth checking out also for the deco and the nice atmosphere.





Modulor is for us the first reason to rush in Berlin; the ideal shop for artists, architects, designers and any DIYers. We easily imagin making this shop our studio!
From stationery to design office furniture, all is here in great quantity. Modulor offers a very large selection of products and various ranges for each of them. Let’s say you are looking for a binding ring, you will find ten of them in five different sizes; this works with all of their products. So that means that the real problem when you visit this shop is to select what you want and get out.

We dream of becoming a Berliner only to have the possibility to stop by to prepare our DIY projects!

Pssst: we couldn’t resist and bought part of the material for our next Creative Sunday.








* Gestalten*

Beautiful concept store from the German editor of the same name.

In addition to flipping through (and crave for) their nice art books, the shop offers the possibility to buy a large range of lovely items.
Don’t miss the back of the shop as they decorate it according to a theme, changing regularly, which let them show plenty of beautiful items in a situation.

You have to go through a little yard in which there is a cafe. No need to say that you have to stop there too…








A little more for the road…

Berliners love eating and eat very good food! It’s very simple, everything (everything!) we’ve tried during our weekend was delicious.

Sababa is an original Israeli place, nested in a street full of restaurant we’d love to try.

Perfect for humus and grill food lovers.


So… when is your next trip to Berlin?


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