A Week in Israel

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Hey DIYers,

Have you ever been to Israel? According to Israelis’ reaction when we spoke English with them, it isn’t common for non-Hebrew-speakers to travel to their country… But we were so curious about the country that we didn’t even realized that it wasn’t the number one destination for non-hebrew travelers. Even though our language was surprising, we could travel easily and the trip was more than worse it. We’ve been to Tel Aviv (and felt in love with this city) and Jerusalem…

Let’s be honest, the Israeli sun was nice. But that’s not the only thing we have appreciated.

We have loved…

**very good breakfasts**

Granola seems to be THE thing for breakfast. You can find it everywhere. They also offer American breakfasts and healthy food (organic, gluten free and/or vegan dishes are always specified). In Jerusalem, Roladin has the best chocolate croissants and a very nice way to present the granola.

In Tel Aviv, we have tried Benedict, the place to eat breakfast anytime and Barzilay, in the trendy area of Neve Tsedek, where we have tasted those amazing pancakes.


**design & decoration**

Tel Aviv is the perfect place to find inspiration as it offers design shops and very well decorated places. From the restaurants to the small shops, design is everywhere. How come we always talk about the Scandinavian style and never the Israeli style?




Vintage shops are all over the city, especially in Jaffa (the old harbor). Antique dealers are selling lamps, furniture, road signs, robots, watches, … Basically everything. Nearby you can also find very nice vintage clothes.




**fashion & jewelry**

We have discovered Roni Kantor. The young woman designs clothes and bags. She is somehow connected to the jewelry maker Shlomit Offir. You can find some jewelry in the clothing shops and vice versa. They offer very affordable items. If you go in one of their shops, we bet you won’t be able to resist very long!


We have also spotted Dave + Esty Jewelry Lab, a brand of jewelry makers. They propose beautiful and original necklaces, rings and pins.


Wandering in the streets, we come across a DIY shop: Notbook. They are specialized in the stationery work. If you are curious, you can visit their online shop (you may need a Hebrew dictionary to order…)!


Israel, and especially Tel Aviv, is the best destination for whoever is fond of good and healthy food, fashion, design, jewelry and architecture (the Bauhaus style, all white and curved buildings, is defining the city). In addition you get the sun and the sea. So, when are you going?

Feel free to ask for good addresses and advice in the comments, we’ll be happy to guide you if you want.

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