6001 IS THE NEW 1060 is Back!

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Hello DIYers,

Do you remember 6001 is the new 1060, this show and sale of creators that we were talking about in this post from September? The third edition will take place on April, 18. As we have good memories from the previous one, we wanted to talk about the event. Since we also have a gift to offer, we felt like we had no excuses to not catch your attention!

Around forty creators will be there. Among them, we can mention Méla Surtatête and her hats, Belge une fois whose creations are sold at Bel’Arte and Michael Guérisse O’Leary whose pouches are wonderful (also available at Bel’Arte by the way). We take advantage of the event to discover new artists such as E. Flévaris who takes pictures, engraves and prints on silk. You don’t know him yet? Here is a glimpse at what he does:






The artist will be present on April, 18. Feel free to come to meet him and discover his work! During this edition, there will be workshops to stretch your fingers. At the menu: flowers crowns, silkscreen and origami. Everything we love!


On the occasion of this third edition, we offer a tote-bag with the event logo and a choice of pictures “Prussian Blues” by E. Flévaris. Since the contest is all about liking and sharing on Facebook, we send you to our Facebook page to know more about it.

Prussian Blue Concours


Good luck!

HowTo team

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