6001 is the new 1060

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Hey DIYers,

What do you do on Saturday?
Why not discovering 6001 is the new 1060, a show and sale of creators from Charleroi?


The event is organized by the talented silk-screen printers the Tontons Racleurs. They left Saint-Gilles (an area in Brussels with the zip code 1060) for Marcinelle (in the Charleroi region with the zip code 6001) and have decided to introduce creators from they new hometown.

About sixty Belgian creators will attend this second edition.


On this occasion, we offer a tote-bag full of gifts! Since the game is all about liking and sharing on Facebook, we direct you on our Facebook page to learn more about it. Good luck!

sac tontons racleurs

More info about the event (in French) :


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