6001 is the new 1060 is here!

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Hello DIYers,

Those of you who read every post we publish (we still hope that some of you read all our posts religiously…) are familiar with 6001 is the new 1060. For the others, this is a show and sale of creators taking place in Charleroi (we were talking about it last year in this post). As usual, we organize a contest to celebrate the coming edition. Do you see this beautiful hanging basket? It could easily be yours! (See below for instructions)

The artist behind this hanging basket is Alice Pilastre. The young woman also works with paper, fabrics and other material. Her website give a glimpse of all her talents.

Alice Pilastre will be attending the show and sale, the 10th of October, so you can discuss her work with her. But she won’t be the only one! There will be around 40 exhibitors and 3 DIY workshops. Isn’t it attracting? See the full program on the page of the event.

sac tontons racleurs
As we said in the introduction of this post, we offer the beautiful hanging basket and the tote-bag you see in our pictures. To make them yours is very easy! Visit our Facebook page and follow the instructions.  The contest will last only one week so do not wait any longer!
Good luck!

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