3 Days in Amsterdam

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Only two hours from Brussels, Amsterdam is easily reachable and very close! It was about time to go in the city to discover more than its famous Red District, coffeeshops and tulips.





There are so many cosy, trendy, nice places that we didn’t know where to start! We ate amazing food in pleasant and simple atmospheres. Dutches pay attention to details (we got inspired everywhere!). From the decoration to the logo, including what was served; everything was just perfect!

Here is a glimpse at what we tried and recommend. We better say first that 3 days were way to short to visit every place. We’ll have to come back!

Betty Blue

Betty Blue is a shop and a tea room made of concrete.

We came across this place randomly. We stopped to eat a delicious cheesecake.







Venkel :

They mainly offer salads so it’s perfect for lunch. The food is local, organic and super good! The place is very well designed. The central counter gives a warm impression.











Either for brunch, coffee or a beer at night. You will loose track of time in this café, discussing with friends around its beautiful wooden tables.









De Foodhallen

This indoor food market is hidden in a building somewhere in the West. The secret is well kept since even in the area, we may miss it. But when you enter the building, you discover a nice selection of food. Inspiration comes from all over the world. It smells very good and the wooden tables invite you to stay to try as much food as you can.
If you are more into a brunch mood, you can cross the street and enjoy the very local place that is the Breakfast Club.


Foodhallen - Amsterdam - 4

Foodhallen - Amsterdam - 2

Foodhallen - Amsterdam - 1

Foodhallen - Amsterdam - 3

Store without a Home

The shop isn’t big but holds many beautiful design items. You can find lamps, candle holders, vases, cushions, etc. The shop location has changed several times (it explains the name) but is now based in the city center for good.

Store without a home -2

Store without a home -1


Since the city is too big to be visited in three days, we took note of places we will have to try next time:




Our tips & tricks

1/ Parking lots P&R, 3 euros for 3 days, it’s worth it! Keep your metro tickets with you when you come back to your car since you’ll need them to get the discount.

2/ Accommodation, it became an habit for us to go on Airbnb to find a local accommodation. We booked an apartment. It’s always a great experience and the price is very competitive.
During another trip, we stayed at the Mauro Mansion, a very small and nice hotel located in the city center. They offer only 10 rooms and you can choose the one you book. Their old XVIth century house is charming and the staff is very welcoming (price starts at 130€).

3/ Budget, make sure you have enough money to spend in the ton of amazing shops (there’s never enough!). Also: keep room in your suitcase!

4/ Bike, we recommend renting one to cross the city as fast as a Dutch. If you are not a bike rider, pay double attention to the traffic and the highway code. Orange bike delivers the bike where you’re staying and for a good price (11€per day and 4€ for the delivery).

5/ Guide, there are a lot of guides about the Dutch capital and they’re all good in their kind. But what we found truly useful is Michelle’s culinary guide: Story154. Michelle is Dutch and lives in Amsterdam. She knows lots of places and regularly comes back to places to make sure it still fits her. We discovered amazing places thanks to her blog like The Lobby and the Breakfast Club.

What about you? What is your next destination for a city trip?

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  1. I was only in Schiphol, on my way to Asia, but looks like I’ll have to visit Amsterdam. 😀 Can you give a rough prices?
    My next city trip is Oslo, in the end of April. 🙂 I can’t wait to come back to Oslo, that city stole a bit of my heart.

    1. Hello Kama, I do not remember clearly but I’ll say around 10-15 euros for a good lunch and 20-30 for a diner with wine in a restaurant (by person).

      And we paid around 45 euros/night. But if you budget is tight I believe you can find cheaper places.

      I’ve never been to Oslo but it’s definitely on my “to do” list!

      1. Thank you for the information. Ah yes, great photos! 🙂
        You should definitely visit Oslo. I loved it during winter. 🙂 If you’d like some inspiration, feel free to have a look at my blog.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment! Noticed (or got a pingback) from your link just now..
    Are you coming to Amsterdam anytime soon again?
    XX, Michelle

    1. We have recently migrated the website. I guess it reactivated the pingbacks. 😉
      Nothing planned so far but I won’t wait very long to come back and I’m sure Marine is thinking about coming back too. Contact us if your come to Brussels!

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